🏋️ NUOBELL vs TRULAP adjustable dumbbells

Welcome to Home Gym Club! Did you know that the first Olympic Games took place in the 8th century B.C.? Cross your fingers that GGR’s own Caine Wilkes gets to compete in the next games this year in Paris!

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  • We chose our eight favorite stim-free pre-workouts.

  • A functional nutritionist explains the five Diet-To-Go meal plans.

  • Cage-match: NUOBELL vs TRULAP adjustable dumbbells.

  • We tested the Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training barbell.

What’s Supp?!

Best Stim-Free Pre-Workout

When it comes to having a productive workout, you technically only need to rely on yourself. However, if you’ve ever taken one of the best pre-workout supplements, especially when energy is running low, you know it can be the difference between an okay workout and one that has you feeling unstoppable.

That’s great until bedtime rolls around, and that caffeine keeps your eyes and mind wide awake. Or you smash the pre in the morning hours, then follow it up with a coffee or two, only to leave you with anxiety jitters, irritable bowels, and clammy hands.

If you still want the can-do training attitude without the caffeine crash after, one of these eight stim-free pre-workouts may help get you there.

Fuel Up!

Diet-To-Go Meal Plans

If you’re interested in quick-and-easy, diet-friendly meals and find yourself on Diet-To-Go’s website, you’ll see five prepared meal plans, each built around different types of foods with varying macro breakdowns (the calories are pretty similar across the board).

We like this service because it can accommodate a wide range of diets, with meals featuring fresh ingredients prepared in advance, so it requires little effort from you—at least when it comes to cooking or grocery shopping.

But which plan is the best for your goals? We asked functional nutritionist Lindsay Boyers to break down each of the five plans to help you decide. 

Dumbbell Showdown

NUOBELL vs. TRULAP Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’ve been following Garage Gym Reviews for a while, you know that Coop loves an adjustable dumbbell. So when it comes to two of the most popular options—NUOBELL and TRULAP—which does Coop crown King of the Quick Adjust (long may they reign)?

In the video above, he takes a closer look at each product and compares elements such as:

  • Dimensions

  • User experience

  • Cradle quality

  • Weight range

  • Price/value

Click the button below (or the video embed above) to see which dumbbells win the battle.


Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar Review

Starting with waffle irons and moving on to Olympic barbells and other fitness equipment, Eleiko is known for high-quality products (at a premium price). Our resident Olympian Caine Wilkes has competed with Eleiko barbells and bumper plates over the years and can attest that the bars are some of the best in the sport. Still, does the high price match the high quality?

We’ve asked several lifters on our team and expert panel to try out and experience Eleiko’s Olympic weightlifting training barbell. In this Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar review, we’ll cover our experiences with this barbell—both the 15-kilogram and 20-kilogram versions—and see who may want to add this premium product to their garage gym.

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