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  • 🏋️ Need a pick-me-up for your next cardio session?

🏋️ Need a pick-me-up for your next cardio session?

Welcome to Home Gym Club! Having trouble sleeping? You might consider hopping on a treadmill. Many studies show that physical activity like cardio can help you sleep better. Thanks, Science!

What’s in today’s newsletter:

  • We rounded up the best pre-workouts for cardio.

  • Build a cold plunge tub using these expert tips.

  • Our testers review the XWERKS Motion BCAA powder.

  • We’ve got an Olympic-level deadlift warm-up for you to try.

Cardio Zone

Best Pre-Workout For Cardio

Love it or hate it, cardio is important for a well-rounded training program. And on those days when you CAN’T EVEN, a pre-workout could be the thing to help get you through it. Whether you plan on sprinting or running long distances, our expert testers hand-picked the best pre-workout for cardio sessions.

Each of the pre-workouts selected for this roundup has been tested by the GGR team. We use our in-depth testing methodology to rate the pre-workouts based on:

  • Formulation

  • Taste

  • solubility

  • Price per serving

  • Third-party testing certifications

  • Label transparency

Start your treadmills, and let’s go!


Build Your Own Cold Plunge Tub

There’s a lot to gain from cold water therapy, but it can be expensive. Cold plunge tubs can range from $1,000 to more than $5,000 (for the Cadillac of tubs). Even a “budget” option hit you in the wallet — hard. While we’ve tested and love a lot of the plunges available for purchase, we also have found that you can get a perfectly good ice bath with a DIY home cold plunge.

Senior staff writer Caine Wilkes used a variety of cold plunges over his 25 years of competing in Olympic-style weightlifting, from high-end tubs at the Olympic Training Center to horse troughs in his backyard.

In the article (click the picture above or the button below), he’ll go over some significant DIY concepts, step-by-step, plus alternatives if you’re still unsure how to set up your cold plunge.

What’s Supp?

XWERKS Motion BCAA Review

We’re intrigued by XWERKS Motion because it contains a unique blend of performance-enhancing compounds from a patented type of carbohydrate (Cluster Dextrin) to hydration-boosting electrolytes. Pretty cool, if you ask us. But does being one-of-a-kind translate to a good product? Let’s find out together.

For our XWERKS Motion review, we had Anthony O’Reilly, GGR Performance Editor, Kate Meier, GGR Senior Director of Content, and Sports Dietitian Destini Moody take a closer look at Motion and let you know if it’s worth your green.

Train Station

Ultimate Deadlift Warm-Up

The deadlift is a staple in almost any lifter’s strength training routine (or it should be at some point). If you’re an aspiring powerlifter, a CrossFit athlete, or just training for fun, you probably know how to deadlift. Still, if you want to get the most out of your heavy deadlift session, we’ve got you covered on the best deadlift warm-up.

We asked Olympic weightlifter Caine Wilkes how he warms up for this foundational movement. He’s had his fair share of warm-up routines in his 20 years of professional lifting—some good, and some not as good. Caine took his experience as an athlete and coach to provide a solid warm-up that can act as a base for your next deadlift workout.

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