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🏋️ We come bearing sugar-free protein powder

Welcome to Home Gym Club! According to the American Heart Association, adults consume roughly 17 teaspoons of added sugar daily, nearly three times the recommended amount. And with that said…

What’s in today’s newsletter:

  • We found the 8 best sugar-free protein powders.

  • Coop got a first look at the New-Nüo(bells).

  • How does the Vulcan Scull Rower compare to the Concept2 RowErg?

  • Our expert testers tried and reviewed Transparent Labs Hydrate.

What’s Supp?

Our Favorite Sugar-Free Protein Powders

Lowering your sugar intake can feel daunting since it seems like sugar is in practically everything—you’d be shocked by the amounts in most condiments and sauces. But what about protein powders? According to Harvard Health, some powders can contain up to 23 grams of added sugar per serving. Yikes.

Despite many proteins using flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or cookies and cream, you can still find plenty of sugar-free options that meet your dietary needs. We’ve gathered a list of the 8 best sugar-free protein powders using our extensive supplement testing methodology to find products that contain no added sugar—though they may contain small amounts of naturally occurring sugar—or carbohydrates from other sweeteners.

We also spoke with Destini Moody, a registered sports dietitian, who helped answer a few questions about the nuances of sugar-free protein powder.

First Look

NEW Nüobell S240 Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re a long-time GGR reader, you know how much Coop loves a pair of adjustable dumbbells. He especially digs the Nüobells, rating them a 4 out of 5 with high marks for the adjustment speed and overall aesthetics.

While attending FIBO 2024 in Cologne, Germany, Coop was super psyched to get a first look at the NEW Nüobell S240s and chat with one of the engineers behind this innovative home gym equipment.

In this video, Coop gets answers to your burning questions, like:

  • What’s different design-wise?

  • How durable are these dumbbells?

  • Will the S240s replace the Original?

  • And (most importantly) what can you expect for the price?

Cardio Zone

Vulcan Scull Rower Review

You may have heard of the Vulcan Scull Rower; it’s often compared to the Concept2 RowErg, considered one of the best rowing machines on the market (the Rolls-Royce of rowers). And we should know. The GGR team has tested over 20 rowing machines—from high-quality and interactive rowers to budget home gym rowers. But what makes the Scull Rower a worthy opponent: cost, footprint, tech, or a combo of all three?

Here’s a quick comparison between the two brands:

Vulcan Scull





Monorail length




Basic LCD monitor

Advanced PM5 Performance Monitor


Lifetime frame; 2-year moving parts; 90-day soft parts

5 years

Our in-depth Vulcan Scull Rower review provides insights into our hands-on rowing experience and lets you know if this Concept2 competitor is worth the investment.

Hydration Station

Transparent Labs Hydrate Review

Feeling thirsty? Electrolyte powders help support hydration and muscle health. Fitness enthusiasts know dehydration is the enemy of athletic performance and muscle growth. Your muscles rely on water to create ATP energy; without it, you can’t expect to feel strong and energized during muscle-building exercise or otherwise. Rehydrating after a sweaty workout is also crucial for recovery and muscle gains.

If you’re looking for electrolyte support, we think Hydrate is one of the better electrolyte powders available. Read on for our full Transparent Labs Hydrate review, with feedback from a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer.

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